Lecture:  Lukáš Macenauer

Virtual Reality for (Language) Teaching and Learning

6.9. 16:10-17:40

Price: 15 Euro

Based on project VirTrain the workshop gives you an opportunity to understand of using virtual reality in (language) learning and teaching. Part of the workshop will be practical experience with Occulus Rift VR googles.

Lecture:  Dr. Christine Preston, De Monfort University, United Kingdom

Professor Christina Preston has been at the forefront of education and technology for over 25
years. The MirandaNet Fellowship that she founded in 1992 has become a global thought
leader in Edtech with over 1,400 members in 80 countries and an outreach of more than
80,000 website visitors a year who read up to 10 screens. At the core of the members’’
philosophy is the sharing of knowledge and change management based on grassroots
evidence. The members work with EdTech companies to research into the impact of
technology and learning in classrooms and report on their findings for the global community.
Christina has won 5 international awards for her contribution to education innovation and
community of practice development. She is also past chair of the Technology, Pedagogy and
Education Association and the editor of the Naace Advancing Education journal.
Christina has won beside other international awards
 European Union of Women Humanitarian Achievement Award for creating an Anglo-
Czech online alliance working on democratic participation (1998 – London)
 Trnkova Medal from the Czech Technical University Prague for support in building
democratic strategies for ICT teacher education (2002 – Prague)

The Established Theories that Scaffold Teaching, Learning and Mentoring Online

7.9. 11:30-12:30

Price: Free

The workshop will present role of theories for suppporting online education practicies.  Dr. Preston will show how these theories are used in practice. She will focused on building of community of practice for supporting innovative teaching methods. The workshop will also provide examples of using MOOCs.