Keynote speakers

Sanna Brauer, Ph.D., Learning & Educational Technology Research, Faculty of Education Unit/ School of Professional Teacher Education, Oulu University of Applied Sciences

Sanna Brauer received her Ph.D. in Educational Sciences from University of Lapland in February 2019. Her doctoral dissertation is the first to address digital open badges and badge-driven learning in Europe. She currently works with digital open badge-driven learning and research related to competence-based professional development, motivation and gamification.

Since 2011, Brauer has been working as a senior lecturer at Oulu University of Applied Sciences, School of Professional Teacher Education. The University of Oulu currently employs her also in development of the work-integrated pedagogy in higher education. She is the leader of national digital pedagogical development of medical education in Finnish universities. She is involved in various projects and national and international networks aiming to develop digital open badges and digital open badge-driven learning.